3 Igniting design styles for your living room

living room style

A living room style sets the tone for the entire house and what to expect. It’s the first place that is entered by you after a gruesome day and the visitors as well. 

Living rooms are multifunctional. Its style and theme have to be welcoming for all functions and easily adaptable to diverse trends.

Here are 3 such failproof design styles for your living room to get you started with.

Traditional style

It’s the classic multifunctional living room that is known for its elegance and sophistication. Extensively detailed woodworks and craftsmanship are the highlights of this style. It’s the go-to style for the ones who love intricate detailing. 

Unlike the recent styles, traditional interiors are more about ornamentation and warmth. The furnishings are devoid of sharp lines and clear shapes while soft and fluffy textures of the pillows accentuate softness and comfort.

The challenging part in a traditional-style living room is handling all the details in one go. One needs to carefully maintain the balance between sophistication and clutter.

Modern style

The modern style is quite opposite of the traditional style. Modern home designs maintain a balance between efficiency and aesthetic value. It is aimed at being minimalistic, simple, and functional. While the sleek furniture and smart appliances set the trend of modernism, sharp lines and clean shapes mark the style. 

The colour palette follows the same rules of minimalism and simplicity. However, infusing dramatic solid colours can spice things up. Incorporating glass and mirror works bring in the modern look with ease. 

Painted walls with few pieces of carefully picked decor, a lightweight rug, and comprehensible seating can complete a modern living room.

Man cave style

This is the most relaxed style of all. Man cave style is centred around the concept of flexibility, leisure, and casual spaces. It is designed to focus on a light mood and a simple setting. 

The man cave style doesn’t follow any rules or accommodates anything forced or pretentious.

There is no right way in setting a man cave – It accommodates everything that helps you to unwind in comfort and refreshes your mind. 

Mostly this masculine style design forms a perfect space for socialising with a billiard pool, media rooms, and comfy seating. Man cave style is a total reflection of freedom and passion.

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