5 Mind Blowing hacks to accessorise your interior

unique interior styles

You would be amazed to know how simple accessories can transform rooms. As designers, it’s a must for you to know how accessories and small decors influence a space. Rugs, cushions, lights and art decor can break a space when used wisely. Get unique interior styles with us.

However, be careful not to overdo the space as it can easily get the room cluttered.

  • Start with a rug

Rugs enhance the decor to the next level. Choosing the right rug – in terms of colour, shape, size, material and design – will add a style statement to the space. Plush rugs bring the room together, cloaking imperfections and defining the area with positivity. Moreover, rugs make guests feel welcomed and act as air filters by trapping allergens. 

  • Scatter some cushions

Cushions bring home softness, warmth and a dash of personality. Its bright colours and intricate patterns magically transform the mood of the space. Based on the kind of emotion that you want to evoke, make some strategic planning and pick your cushions for comfortable seating. Don’t forget to mix n match for a harmonious look.

  • Let in light

Lighting is an influential tool in the hands of a skilled designer. Smart lighting can create unique sensations and memorable experiences. Modern fixtures freshen up the space and act as decors. Dim relaxing lighting for intimate space and bright direct lights for common ones create visual boundaries.

  • Infuse art 

With the overwhelming options, selecting the right art decor for the room can be difficult. But choosing the best-suited ones will set you apart. Introducing artistic pieces to the interiors elevate the quality of living, perception and vibes. Versatile art pieces adapt to all styles of interior and start attracting attention in a matter of seconds.

  • Repeat multiples

This is one of the most underrated tricks in decorating the interior. Repeating multiple decors brings about a symmetric effect to the space creating visual stability and making it easier to live. It also makes the room feel fancier by maintaining the design orientation.

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