5 Tips to spruce up your home office

spruce up your home office

After the pandemic home offices have gained a new meaning. Spending hours working in your rest space or private space can be tedious. spruce up your home office with design vegha.

It’s now more important than ever to spruce up your home office not only to improve your productivity but also to maintain comfort and mental health.

So, have these points in mind while renovating your home office.

Space designation

Before starting it’s important to set a clear demarcation or location within the house for your home office. It has to be a dedicated space that can be customized based on one’s needs. The selected spot should be isolated from the rest of the house to enable an easier mindset shift from leisure to work.

Ventilation and lighting

The dedicated workspace has to be well lit and ventilated. Though natural lighting and ventilation to be preferred, artificial lighting and ventilation can help to set the mood. Light fixtures with multiple colour modes can be used. Using multiple light sources such as natural, artificial ambient, and focus lighting improves productivity.


Widely used and preferred furnishing for a home office is desk and chair. Apart from selecting furniture to go hand-in-hand with the rest of the theme, consider an ergonomically sustainable chair and desk to support those long hours of work. A good desk-facing natural lighting through windows along with built-in storage spaces does the work.

Bring in nature

Adding some indoor-friendly plants will immediately liven up the space. Additionally natural textured materials such as stone paperweights, bamboo stands, raw wood furnishing will lighten the mood and help in relaxation.

Organized desks 

Tidying up the workspace can make a huge impact. Except for the most frequently used items everything else has to be organised and prioritised. Incorporating storage spaces with diverse accessibility to store things based on their usage will ease up the whole process.

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