6 Colour combinations that you must try for your luxury home interiors

luxury home interiors

Colour psychology is a crucial deciding factor and needs conscious consideration to improve the performance and workability of a room. A bright yellow colour may not work well for the kitchen but can work wonders for a kids’ playroom, luxury home interiors. 

So choose it smart and keep it minimalistic and simple. Try to stick with three colours utmost. Remember, less is more. 

Given below are 6 must-try colour combinations for an innovative theme and palette.

Pink and sky blue

Both the hues are the colours of fun and playfulness. The complementary effect of these colours gives an undulating mix, making the space look more serene, spacious, and cheerful.

Grizzly brown and beige

This elegant and cosy combination is a must-try for any relaxing and unwinding space such as a greenery-filled porch, balcony, and indoor/outdoor seating area. A comparatively darker brown can be used to add more depth to the interior.

Complimenting shades of blue and purple

Let the colour speak of being well and balanced, neutral ambience. This combination shouts out for its soft and cool balance achieved by tender blue, and soothing purple. These colours suit best and function ideally for bedrooms, owing to the soothing transition between the light blues. Get luxury home interiors by design vegha.  

Baby blue, mild lemon yellow, and any dark shade of grey

It is a striking combination indeed. This statement-making combination gives a comfy, vibrant, and ultra-modern vibe. Paired with the sleek same shade of grey and similar tones, it can tie up the look. This unique collaboration of colours is ideal for living room, reception, and other inviting spaces.

Navy blue and soft teal

This combo will have a drastic change in its effects based on the proportion of how much they are used. An increased amount of teal under bold strokes of blue comforts the room, whereas a large amount of navy blue, gives warmth and makes teal pop.

Black, orange, and very little white or grey

These power-holding colours promise to thrill. Popping orange over mysterious black with highlighting whites screams energy and adrenaline. Combined with a black ceiling the room becomes a cosy hub for get-togethers and gaming. When used with white ceilings and minimal intensity the colours blends in harmony having a calming stable presence. Get luxury home interiors at your place.

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