6 Interior design pointers to get the most out of small places

6 Top Interior design pointers

Get 6 Top Interior Design pointers to transform small spaces into something extraordinary is a unique challenge but it’s not impossible.

Small spaces are cosier and easy to handle. By making use of every square foot available, you create an efficient space that meets all your day-to-day requirements.

Whether you’re organising a tiny home or creating some extra real estate in your single bedroom apartment, below mentioned tips are easy to implement and will give you a clutter-free look.

  • Plan the layout

A “proper layout” is something that will help you make the most out of the space available. Though there is no fixed formula for this, a well-designed space strategy can enhance the efficiency of the space and match functionality with aesthetics.

  • Use all the space

Remember, every inch is important. To make every square foot count, never leave any space underused. Spaces below the bed, under the sink, near the doorways, and unnoticed corners can be repurposed for storage and other functionalities.

  • Light it up

Letting in more natural light will always make the room feel bigger and better. So try installing big windows and adding more openings to your small rooms. Install mirrors to bounce light and open up small spaces. Get 6 Top Interior Design pointers for your home.

  • Get vertical

Use the wall space available to its fullest. Installing storage shelves in the living room, wall cabinets in the kitchen, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in the bedroom, and opting for hooks and wall-mounted lamps can save plenty of real estate.

  • Add storage

Create space for everything you have. Clear up the clutter by incorporating smart furniture, cabinets, shelves, organisers, and drawers. Using decorative baskets and bins will enhance the decor and serve the storage purpose as well.

  • Create a scene

Use a feature wall, neutral colour palette, interesting patterns, and textures to create an illusion of depth. Make the room feel spacious by taking full advantage of the decor elements and add personality to the most boring spaces too.

So what are you waiting for? With our easy-to-use interior software, start creating the perfect plan and 3D designs to bring your small spaces ideas to life. Get 6 Top Interior Design pointers to design your small space.