Inexpensive personal touches for your bedroom

The bedroom is the most preferred private place in our home to spend our leisure time. Customising this space can make it true to one’s personality eventually making it more comfortable and aesthetically appealing. Get luxury bedroom interior design with us.

With a little bit of innovation and research, you can possibly transform your bedroom without spending loads.

Here are a few budget-friendly ways to personalise your bedroom interior design.

Featured wall

The featured or gallery wall makes your room come alive. It adds colors and memories to the otherwise dull space, giving it the look you’re going for.


Nothing is better than having a soft and cozy flooring to step on early in the morning. They make the space nice, homely, and cozy.


Unique lighting creates a different ambiance. Fairy lights bring home the sparkle within budget and pendant lighting draws attention with style. Candles make the room smell nice and spread romance. 


Cushions of different patterns and textures really work. Velvet, wool, and fur decode the styling factors and finish them off. 

Wall hangings

Wall hangings and posters are the most affordable decor element for all types of styling and finishing touches. You can opt for quotes, favorite personalities, or even your photos.

House plants

Use house plants to instantly light up your bedroom. Mix and match indoor plants – fake or real – with different planters, baskets, and pots to add a unique style to your home.


Style your shelves with simple decor pieces or things that you value the most. Filling your shelves with cute things gives it a busy but not-too-cluttered effect.


Neatly layered pretty looking books on your bedside table with candles and trinkets will make it look more done, stylish and cosy.


You’re never too old to add your favourite stuffed toy to your bed. Play around with your favourite toys and include them in your decor to complete the look.


Wall stickers, wind chimes, bamboo baskets, colorful prints, posters, and more add art to your bedroom and define its personality and style. Get more designs

So log in to DesignVegha, a hassle-free, cloud-based rendering, and design service, and start designing your perfect bedroom interior design  with personal touches now!