3 Igniting design styles for your living room

A living room style sets the tone for the entire house and what to expect. It’s the first place that is entered by you after a gruesome day and the visitors as well. 

Living rooms are multifunctional. Its style and theme have to be welcoming for all functions and easily adaptable to diverse trends.

Here are 3 such failproof design styles for your living room to get you started with.

Traditional style

It’s the classic multifunctional living room that is known for its elegance and sophistication. Extensively detailed woodworks and craftsmanship are the highlights of this style. It’s the go-to style for the ones who love intricate detailing. 

Unlike the recent styles, traditional interiors are more about ornamentation and warmth. The furnishings are devoid of sharp lines and clear shapes while soft and fluffy textures of the pillows accentuate softness and comfort.

The challenging part in a traditional-style living room is handling all the details in one go. One needs to carefully maintain the balance between sophistication and clutter.

Modern style

The modern style is quite opposite of the traditional style. Modern home designs maintain a balance between efficiency and aesthetic value. It is aimed at being minimalistic, simple, and functional. While the sleek furniture and smart appliances set the trend of modernism, sharp lines and clean shapes mark the style. 

The colour palette follows the same rules of minimalism and simplicity. However, infusing dramatic solid colours can spice things up. Incorporating glass and mirror works bring in the modern look with ease. 

Painted walls with few pieces of carefully picked decor, a lightweight rug, and comprehensible seating can complete a modern living room.

Man cave style

This is the most relaxed style of all. Man cave style is centred around the concept of flexibility, leisure, and casual spaces. It is designed to focus on a light mood and a simple setting. 

The man cave style doesn’t follow any rules or accommodates anything forced or pretentious.

There is no right way in setting a man cave – It accommodates everything that helps you to unwind in comfort and refreshes your mind. 

Mostly this masculine style design forms a perfect space for socialising with a billiard pool, media rooms, and comfy seating. Man cave style is a total reflection of freedom and passion.

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5 Mind Blowing hacks to accessorise your interior

You would be amazed to know how simple accessories can transform rooms. As designers, it’s a must for you to know how accessories and small decors influence a space. Rugs, cushions, lights and art decor can break a space when used wisely. Get unique interior styles with us.

However, be careful not to overdo the space as it can easily get the room cluttered.

  • Start with a rug

Rugs enhance the decor to the next level. Choosing the right rug – in terms of colour, shape, size, material and design – will add a style statement to the space. Plush rugs bring the room together, cloaking imperfections and defining the area with positivity. Moreover, rugs make guests feel welcomed and act as air filters by trapping allergens. 

  • Scatter some cushions

Cushions bring home softness, warmth and a dash of personality. Its bright colours and intricate patterns magically transform the mood of the space. Based on the kind of emotion that you want to evoke, make some strategic planning and pick your cushions for comfortable seating. Don’t forget to mix n match for a harmonious look.

  • Let in light

Lighting is an influential tool in the hands of a skilled designer. Smart lighting can create unique sensations and memorable experiences. Modern fixtures freshen up the space and act as decors. Dim relaxing lighting for intimate space and bright direct lights for common ones create visual boundaries.

  • Infuse art 

With the overwhelming options, selecting the right art decor for the room can be difficult. But choosing the best-suited ones will set you apart. Introducing artistic pieces to the interiors elevate the quality of living, perception and vibes. Versatile art pieces adapt to all styles of interior and start attracting attention in a matter of seconds.

  • Repeat multiples

This is one of the most underrated tricks in decorating the interior. Repeating multiple decors brings about a symmetric effect to the space creating visual stability and making it easier to live. It also makes the room feel fancier by maintaining the design orientation.

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5 Tips to spruce up your home office

After the pandemic home offices have gained a new meaning. Spending hours working in your rest space or private space can be tedious. spruce up your home office with design vegha.

It’s now more important than ever to spruce up your home office not only to improve your productivity but also to maintain comfort and mental health.

So, have these points in mind while renovating your home office.

Space designation

Before starting it’s important to set a clear demarcation or location within the house for your home office. It has to be a dedicated space that can be customized based on one’s needs. The selected spot should be isolated from the rest of the house to enable an easier mindset shift from leisure to work.

Ventilation and lighting

The dedicated workspace has to be well lit and ventilated. Though natural lighting and ventilation to be preferred, artificial lighting and ventilation can help to set the mood. Light fixtures with multiple colour modes can be used. Using multiple light sources such as natural, artificial ambient, and focus lighting improves productivity.


Widely used and preferred furnishing for a home office is desk and chair. Apart from selecting furniture to go hand-in-hand with the rest of the theme, consider an ergonomically sustainable chair and desk to support those long hours of work. A good desk-facing natural lighting through windows along with built-in storage spaces does the work.

Bring in nature

Adding some indoor-friendly plants will immediately liven up the space. Additionally natural textured materials such as stone paperweights, bamboo stands, raw wood furnishing will lighten the mood and help in relaxation.

Organized desks 

Tidying up the workspace can make a huge impact. Except for the most frequently used items everything else has to be organised and prioritised. Incorporating storage spaces with diverse accessibility to store things based on their usage will ease up the whole process.

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6 Colour combinations that you must try for your luxury home interiors

Colour psychology is a crucial deciding factor and needs conscious consideration to improve the performance and workability of a room. A bright yellow colour may not work well for the kitchen but can work wonders for a kids’ playroom, luxury home interiors. 

So choose it smart and keep it minimalistic and simple. Try to stick with three colours utmost. Remember, less is more. 

Given below are 6 must-try colour combinations for an innovative theme and palette.

Pink and sky blue

Both the hues are the colours of fun and playfulness. The complementary effect of these colours gives an undulating mix, making the space look more serene, spacious, and cheerful.

Grizzly brown and beige

This elegant and cosy combination is a must-try for any relaxing and unwinding space such as a greenery-filled porch, balcony, and indoor/outdoor seating area. A comparatively darker brown can be used to add more depth to the interior.

Complimenting shades of blue and purple

Let the colour speak of being well and balanced, neutral ambience. This combination shouts out for its soft and cool balance achieved by tender blue, and soothing purple. These colours suit best and function ideally for bedrooms, owing to the soothing transition between the light blues. Get luxury home interiors by design vegha.  

Baby blue, mild lemon yellow, and any dark shade of grey

It is a striking combination indeed. This statement-making combination gives a comfy, vibrant, and ultra-modern vibe. Paired with the sleek same shade of grey and similar tones, it can tie up the look. This unique collaboration of colours is ideal for living room, reception, and other inviting spaces.

Navy blue and soft teal

This combo will have a drastic change in its effects based on the proportion of how much they are used. An increased amount of teal under bold strokes of blue comforts the room, whereas a large amount of navy blue, gives warmth and makes teal pop.

Black, orange, and very little white or grey

These power-holding colours promise to thrill. Popping orange over mysterious black with highlighting whites screams energy and adrenaline. Combined with a black ceiling the room becomes a cosy hub for get-togethers and gaming. When used with white ceilings and minimal intensity the colours blends in harmony having a calming stable presence. Get luxury home interiors at your place.

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6 Interior design pointers to get the most out of small places

Get 6 Top Interior Design pointers to transform small spaces into something extraordinary is a unique challenge but it’s not impossible.

Small spaces are cosier and easy to handle. By making use of every square foot available, you create an efficient space that meets all your day-to-day requirements.

Whether you’re organising a tiny home or creating some extra real estate in your single bedroom apartment, below mentioned tips are easy to implement and will give you a clutter-free look.

  • Plan the layout

A “proper layout” is something that will help you make the most out of the space available. Though there is no fixed formula for this, a well-designed space strategy can enhance the efficiency of the space and match functionality with aesthetics.

  • Use all the space

Remember, every inch is important. To make every square foot count, never leave any space underused. Spaces below the bed, under the sink, near the doorways, and unnoticed corners can be repurposed for storage and other functionalities.

  • Light it up

Letting in more natural light will always make the room feel bigger and better. So try installing big windows and adding more openings to your small rooms. Install mirrors to bounce light and open up small spaces. Get 6 Top Interior Design pointers for your home.

  • Get vertical

Use the wall space available to its fullest. Installing storage shelves in the living room, wall cabinets in the kitchen, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in the bedroom, and opting for hooks and wall-mounted lamps can save plenty of real estate.

  • Add storage

Create space for everything you have. Clear up the clutter by incorporating smart furniture, cabinets, shelves, organisers, and drawers. Using decorative baskets and bins will enhance the decor and serve the storage purpose as well.

  • Create a scene

Use a feature wall, neutral colour palette, interesting patterns, and textures to create an illusion of depth. Make the room feel spacious by taking full advantage of the decor elements and add personality to the most boring spaces too.

So what are you waiting for? With our easy-to-use interior software, start creating the perfect plan and 3D designs to bring your small spaces ideas to life. Get 6 Top Interior Design pointers to design your small space.


6 Points to remember while designing your kids’ room

Every kid deserves a room – a space to nurture and grow. Get best kids’ room interior design with us.

A child’s room is more than a space separated by walls or partitions – It’s where their personality and character get built. 

So, no matter how big or small your child’s room is, it is highly important to consider certain elements while planning its interior design.

  • Safety first!

Children’s rooms should be designed and decorated with utmost caution. More than the looks, safety has to be prioritised in every decision made. Avoiding furniture made of fragile materials or with sharp edges and equipping all openings with protections, reduce risks.

  • Plan n Design 

Configure the interior design and organise it in such a way that it supports every day-to-day activity of the child. Well-defined, dedicated spaces to study, play, and sleep will help the children learn their responsibilities. Get kids’ room interior design at very minimal cost.

  • Find a theme

Pick a theme based on the likes and dislikes of your child. It will add intrigue to the room and make them spend more time in it. A perfect theme will enhance the room with a personalised touch and empower the child’s creativity.

  • Spice it with colours

Colours are the best way to set the mood. Want it relaxed and calming or bold and vibrant? Opt for some unique colour combinations to avoid the usual blue-pink monotonous look. Create an appropriate environment for your child with their favourite colours.

  • Adequate storage

With kids, their necessities grow as well – toys, clothes, books, stationery, and more. Thus, planning for adequate storage spaces, that are accessible and easy to use, in the initial stages of the interior design is a smart move. 

  • Keep it simple

It’s advisable to plan your child’s room simple and chic, with not many rules. Limited furniture, generous play space, and an organised study area will do the magic. Spacious and clutter-free rooms stimulate the interests of children and support their physical and mental growth.

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6 Tips to become an expert interior designer

To be that “expert interior designer” along with your expertise in design, you need knowledge, skills, experience, and attributes.

 Below are a few other tips that will help you get positioned among the experts.

  • Know the basics

To create something “out-of-the-box”, you need to get the basic principles right. Understanding the fundamental human behaviour, needs, expectations, and addressing them with the right approach shall kick start your designing journey.

  • Visualize designs

Before transforming your ideas into reality, it is important to analyse their existence in real-time. Being able to give a glance of what your interior design shall become and how it would solve the requirement will prove your expertise.

  • Innovate tirelessly

Trying new ideas, experimenting with new sequences, and taking a different approach rather than the usual ones, are the few things that expert designers do. Though it involves immense risk, great designers never fear failures or rejections.

  • Communicate fearlessly

No matter how good your design is, there is no value if you’re not able to communicate, convince and win over the audience. Being able to express the purpose of the interior design, how it would serve right, and explaining your work will give it the push that is required.

  • Identifying & solving problems

Good designers always strive to make the world a better place. They never settle for less. They consistently work to identify problems, get around limitations, and improvise solutions. Setting clear objectives in the ‘define phase’ is crucial as it helps you stay focused on the project.

  • Giving your best

Be it your first or 100th project, make sure you always give the best design possible. Great designers treat every single project as their first, consider it as a challenge and dedicate the maximum possible time and effort towards it.

Remember, whether you want to be a professional designer or it’s a hobby, to be an expert, a creative eye, and attention to detail is a must. become an expert interior designer with us.

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All major interior design styles in one place – The ultimate guide

When it comes to designing your interiors, it’s not just about the aesthetics but it’s also about functionality, comfort, and personal style.

Below is the list of 9 major interior design styles that you must know.

  • Minimalistic Design

Minimalist style is focused on being simple and chic. It creates an uncluttered open space with only essential items. It eliminates all forms of extraneous elements – colour, texture, furniture, or fabrics.

  • Contemporary Design

Contemporary is the design style of the moment. It borrows its looks from different periods and creates an elegant style of its own. With straight lines and simple curves, it has existed over years.  

  • Traditional Design

This is a perfect style that blends luxury, comfort, and elegance. Inviting appearance, warm rooms, fluffy furniture, built-in cabinets, intricate tile floor patterns, and antique decors restore the beauty of the old-school European decor.

  • Transitional Design

Transitional is the bridge between traditional and modern designs. It creates a timeless look by incorporating the best from the two worlds. This subtle design adds a neutral and durable style to the space.

  • Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian owns a sense of warmth and personality. It is a functional style of interior that incorporates gentle contour and natural materials like leather and wood. The entire space is lit up with abundant free-flowing light and bright colours with a mix of white.

  • Modern Design

Muted colours, minimalistic approach, sleek furniture, extended comfort, and unleashed glamour is what urban modern design is all about. For its comforting elements and rich style, modern designs are always in demand.

  • Eclectic Design

Eclectic is the one for those who love mixing styles and creating something unique. It brings contrasting elements together to create a cohesive and attractive design. Breaking rules, having fun, and playing with varied palettes is the peculiarity of eclectic.

  • Feng shui Design

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is followed to promote peace and harmony at homes. More than the design, this deep-rooted philosophy focuses on channelising the energy in homes by arranging the objects and space in an ideal manner to achieve balance.

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Awesome organising hacks for your dream home that you must know

We all know that when it comes to decorating and personalizing our homes with aesthetics and functionality, it costs an arm and a leg. Fortunately, it’s not the only way to do it. Design your dream home. 

There are tons and tons of other organising options that strike a perfect balance between function and appearance for you to explore and get inspired.

Below are a few witty organising hacks to make your life simple.

  • Follow the golden rule of organising. Keep only what is frequently used on visibility. Dump others in the drawers and cabinets.
  • Use a cookie jar to de-clutter your dressing table. Bring all those little bottles or smaller accessories together in it to keep them protected and super convenient.
  • Make use of a spice rack to organise your jewellery  and beauty products – no more digging the makeup bag.
  • How about a small bamboo basket behind the door to hold all your used clothes and towels? 
  • A small round fish tank will make a perfect holder for throwing your keys and daily wear accessories in the tote and go.
  • Hooks work magic. Maximize space by adding more hooks based on your requirement.
  • If you feel setting your own storage cabinet is pricey, then try converting your bookshelf into one.
  • Hanging shelves makes it much easier to organise items stylishly.
  • Employ desk organisers for all your office supplies – a simple stationery stand or a multiple compartment organiser – pick as per your need.
  • Utilise vertical space by installing wooden shelves. Hanging small holders or buckets on the shelves makes space for smaller items within reach.
  • Repurpose old containers and baskets to store different accessories.
  • Have you tried shower hooks for your closet? They make perfect hangers for all your tank tops and skinny jeans. Shower hooks work best for belts and ties as well.
  • S hooks are another space-saviours. It lets you hang your handbags in any part of the wall or closet door on a chain.
  • Dividers and bins work genius in cleaning your closet and organising it with ease.

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Easy kitchen decor ideas to make it look stunning

kitchen interior designs can be an extremely hard nut to crack as it requires a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. It is crucial that you make it look more beautiful as well as comfortable while reflecting your personal style. There are numerous ways by which you can do this. 

Here are a few decor ideas to make your kitchen look stunning.

Open and closed cupboards 

Organizing the kitchen adds benefits to aesthetics. 

  • Open and closed cupboards installed in a jigsaw manner or interesting pattern offer a more dynamic or fluid look.
  • Install open cupboards for a less crowded and well organised appearance. 
  • Display beautiful, visually appealing, and functional elements in the open cupboards while hiding the less appealing items in the closed neatly painted cupboards.
  • Prefer lighter hues for the closed cupboards.

Kitchen top

The kitchen top covers the major surface area of the room – It’s the one most visibly accessible too. 

Choosing the right texture and colour for your kitchen top can transform your kitchen’s look. Kitchen tops with a glassy finish and interesting patterns elevate the entire aesthetics of the place.

If you are redoing the kitchen, you can either replace your entire kitchen top or just opt from loads of contact paper available to redo your countertop on budget.

Openings and lighting 

To uplift all that you do, the space has to be well lit. However, never use warm colours or lighting in your kitchen. Get kitchen interior designs at your own place.

Light fittings under the tabletop and on the floor can give an edgy look to the kitchen. 

It’s always best to flood any room with natural lighting as they get well dispersed. It lightens up the place creating an illusion of a more spacious room than it is.


Introducing plants in the kitchen is a simple but effective hack to make your kitchen more stylish and cool. 

Picking the right pots that match the color and style of your kitchen decor can enhance the mood. Small and cute indoor plants can be placed on open cupboards and unused corners to avoid overcrowding.

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