How to Decorate your Place Called- ‘The Home’ Interior Design

The Home' Interior Design

Design ‘The Home’ Interior Design, Moving into a new home or redecorating one can be one of life’s greatest joys. But this can also be a time of uncertainty, especially when designing. Think-how do you make your space look the best while reflecting your sense of style? Do it right, and you will have a comfortable, happy home. With a bit of planning and following the same steps used by professional interior designers, you will have a better chance of success. 

Some people have a natural observation for design. Still, if you are more like those who cannot do much without consulting Pinterest board on the board before making any significant changes, we feel you. And even for those of us who breathe interior design, some inspiration and guidance never hurt. But until we win the lottery, we will have to trust our gut—and some tips where we can get them. We at Design Vegha have compiled some secrets to help you with all your decorating needs.

So, to reach the finish line, you first have to know where you are heading to-. 

First, know the Measurements-

Matching the furniture to the level of a room is very crucial. A sectional sofa can easily overpower a tiny space, and graceful chairs can get lost in a wide-open loft. Before you begin designing, measure the length and width of every room you want to create, with the ceiling height and items that could get in the way – like stairs and other obstructions. It is also good to measure window openings, along with the wall space below, above and to the sides, to get ready for window coverings. 

The first mistake people make is they buy things that are the wrong size. Example sofas that do not fit in the room or through doorways, tables that are way too small, huge desks, nightstands that hang into the opening. Measuring the space can help avoid such problems. 

Design a Floorplan-

Once you have the room’s measurements, it is time to put them to use with a floor plan that gives you a bird’s eye view of your home. Every job starts with a floor plan. 

One idea is to draw a floor plan the old-fashioned way. Most professional designers use drafting software like AutoCAD. In between those two extremes are apps that aim to make it easy for owners to create simple floor plans, including Magic plan, Floor Plan Creator and Rooms can Pro. Once you have the outline of the space, start planning the placement of furniture, making sure that the footprint of each piece is calculated to match the size of the drawing. 

Pick your lifestyle in a given space-

Rooms can be traditional or modern, relaxed or visually warm and calm. To the best of your ability, you must try to discern how you would like to live in a given space. What will you be doing there/ How many people will live there/ Are there children/ What are your ambitions for how you would like to live? and more. 

Design ‘The Home’ Interior Design for someone who regularly hosts large dinner parties, for example, should be different from home for someone who eats out at restaurants every night.

Copy the Professionals–

Refer to design books and magazines and online resources such as Pinterest and Instagram to sharpen your style. Figure out the kind that you respond to most. Once you have the ideas, study the details. See where the pattern is used versus where solids are used and where colour can be used successfully. It will also help you learn everything from the type of furniture you might like to a potential strategy for window coverings. 

Tape It Out

To take ideas on a floor plan one step further, use the painter’s tape in real space to outline where the furniture will be placed on floors and against walls. 

“Where will the rug be? How far is the coffee table going to be? 

Even though we have it all, there’s something helpful about visualising it in the space and walking around.

Develop a Budget–

If you fling on an unexpectedly expensive chair, you will have less money available for the rest of the home. “You want to make sure you are strategic about how you spend your money. A budget gives you a roadmap for how to divide the costs of things between rooms. You can still make an exception if you find a unique dining table, he noted, but to pay for it, you have to be thoughtful about where else you can cut back. 

Plan the Phases–

Refinishing hardwood floors and painting ceilings is all messy work. If at all possible, it is better to have this type of work completed before moving any furniture or accessories into space. 

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