Interior Design Trends That Will Shape 2021 and Way Past it

Interior Design Trends

Reclaimed wood, hanging plants and large green installations are some of the prominent interior design trends that we see, shaping in the next decade.

If you plan to revamp your home with interior design trends, Design Vegha’s simple and elegant designs can create sophisticated interiors. From what the design forecasters, paint manufacturers and fabric designer experts in the world of interiors are saying, Design Vegha’s customisable 3D models and textures brings it all in this interior design trend roundup. We have all the key themes and schemes listed below-

Here are the tips and tricks to help you design and decorate with the trends you love, no matter the size of your room. Therefore, whether it’s living room ideas or looks for the bedroom, these are the favourite decor trends to consider. Design Vegha can help you create the freshest interior designs.


The love for grey has been pushed out by blue! The 2021 interior design trends colour is called Classic Blue. It’s clean, elegant and uplifting, so it works perfectly in a living room. It’s an elementary colour to incorporate into most parts of your home. 

  • PINK and more Pink-

Pink is back. There are a few rules for mastering this candy colour. The first one being–avoid anything that reminds you of a colour Barbie would wear; blush-toned pinks are the way to go. Anything shiny and pink you see, you are entering a six-year-old’s bedroom territory again. So, with these little gems of wisdom in mind, check out Design Vegha’s pink room ideas. 


2021 interior design trends aren’t all about colour either. We can use texture to add interest to rooms too. A look that we love can layer up different textures with different colours. It will be perfect if you are big on neutrals, So, you need to find other ways to design your rooms without using too many colours. In a ‘living room’, cushions are an obvious way of doing this but in different rooms, try bringing in textures with prints and well-curated Knick-knacks. 


You may have had the idea of a pantry behind a consolidated cabinet door or fuse the fridge into a kitchen unit, but have you thought of concealing your entire kitchen? 

With living spaces becoming smaller and storage getting brighter—clean and minimalist kitchens are welcomed. Things that once cluttered the countertops – plug sockets, knife blocks, taps and sinks – can now disappear into flush cabinets and uninterrupted areas to make the most of all space available. Ideal for open plan kitchen diners or small kitchen designs, they are great for creating a streamlined look in a contemporary kitchen.


In 2021 it’s all about bathroom designs that are tough and functional and for sure— remarkably stylish. The simplest way to get the perfect look is to use micro concrete, which allows you to create the effect of a full-depth concrete finish on top of existing floors and walls

With all this said, Design Vegha’s AI-powered Interior Design platform can provide the fastest rendering solution for interior designers and architects.

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