New Materials in the World of Interior Design


The world of design is looking to evolve, creating new trends to wow customers continually. Interiors are now looking to integrate seamlessly with the users, regardless of their style tastes. Combined with the need for durability and sustainability, interior designers and their clients are willing to pay higher prices for finishes that they know will last that much longer. Creating 100% brand new products is difficult in modern times, so designers are also re-evaluating the use of existing materials and how these can be featured in original ways to create beautiful schemes.


Here are a few new ideas that can be designed for home interiors.


  • New Finishes

Companies out there have developed brand new finishes, mainly focusing on hard finishes for walls, floors, and ceilings. These are designed to not only look great but to also be hardwearing for daily residential use. Stepping away from tiles, architects are increasingly using new interiors material.


  • Workable Materials to Create Modern Designs

The initiative to reduce energy emissions has led to the increased use of timber. Despite being a classic material, wood is being used in ways to create modern, welcoming spaces.

Interior designers incorporate plants within their design schemes, especially in built-up urban settings where green space is minimal. Architects and designers have long explored the concept of bringing the outside in. It can create peaceful spaces for residents, allowing them to forget about the hustle and bustle of the world outside their front door. However, designers have to consider these projects’ longevity, making sure that the plants require minimal care not to impact busy lives.


  • Using Existing Materials in New Ways

Incredibly popular with interior designers are looking at using existing products in inventive ways. Some combine materials to create something new, like steel and glass, creating steel enamel. This material gives you strength and robustness, along with high thermal stress resistance.

Designers have also been known to take materials and use them for a new purpose, like sheet vinyl as a wall covering. A relatively flexible material–vinyl can adapt to go around curves, leaving a sleek finish. New geometric designs are allowing modern, hardwearing looks throughout the home.


  • Soft Design Solutions

Lighting is also being considered for design change, and even the simplest of lighting can completely change the feel of a room. Colour therapy is becoming increasingly popular, with clients looking to use coloured lighting to enhance specific spaces’ atmosphere.


-Designers use neon lighting in creating these spaces. Now, neon lights are used to create atmospheric spaces within the home, as they can completely transform a room’s look and feel. Even just merely lining the ceiling can create a dramatic effect.


-Much like neon lighting, the LEDs can be configured to create whatever desired effect the resident has at the time.

-Another way to create a colourful, atmospheric interior is by using translucent coloured panes in the façade.


This is just a snapshot of the products entering the market, with many more in development. Design Vegha designers keep up to date with new interior design trends, which includes new materials. We can help you be innovative and guide you on how to stand out from the pack to create beautiful and memorable spaces.


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