Plan your master bedroom like a pro

master bedroom

Be it a new house or years old home it’s never too late to give it an elevated look with a curated master bedroom.

Planning your master bedroom wisely can improve its performance and comfort level. 

To get started with here are a few simple pointers for you to keep in mind while designing the master bedroom.

  • Colour and texture palette
  • After a long tiring day, a bedroom should let you relax and unwind. Keeping the colour palette light and neutral is a go-to choice. 
  • Colours like light tan, beige, and grey combined with crystal white create a serene space. 
  • A splash of bold and comforting colours such as black, purple, violet,  green, and sky blue add more warmth while giving a striking look to your bedroom. 
  • Using monotonous texture, colour and pattern for the entire room transforms it to be cosier and snuggling.
  • Classic multi-colour combos like blue and white, light grey and black, worn brown and beige give it a contemporary semi-traditional look.
  • Soft and comforting sheets coupled with flowy sunshades make the room feel natural and effortless. 


  • Furniture and storage
  • Always remember, the furniture in the bedroom needs to be minimal. 
  • Hidden, accessible storage spaces and closets can work wonders for a master bedroom. 
  • Highlight the bed as the centerpiece of the interior.
  • Utilize contrasting colours and textures for the wall to that of your bed ornamentations.  
  • Vintage and antique furnishings spill warmth and comfort to your bedroom, while more contemporary and sleek furnishings add a clean look. Pick your choice!


  • Functional and ambience lighting
  • It’s always good to flood the room with natural light.
  • Go for functional lighting in certain spots such as the dresser, room illumination, and  study/workspace  
  • All functional lights need to be white and bright to perform daily tasks with ease. Colour lights like golden yellow or blue can be used for night lamps.
  • Multiple low voltage light fittings can be preferred rather than one strong light source. 
  • The ambience and accent lightings can be installed to highlight or add a theme to the room.
  • Creating layers using ambience lighting infuses depth and effective functionality to the room.

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