Planning a Harmonious Decorative Colour

Popular Colour and Light decorating Styles

Interior lighting and Colour are the central aspects of your home’s design. Good home décor with the right colours and use of perfect light fixtures, talk a lot about the care and value you give for your sweet home.

Design Vegha offers plenty of flexible ideas to help you get started. Colour is a basic block of any interior design. But before thinking about how colours will look together and work in your home interior, it’s essential to study how they will make you feel when you are around them.

Whether you want something bold and bright, neutral, or moody, Design Vegha has tons of paint colour ideas along with good lighting themes for you to get inspired. So, put on your overalls and grab a roller. Feast your eyes on ethereal, organic hues, oceanic blues and much more.

Popular Appealing Colours for Decorating Your Home Interiors 2021

Blue-green shades—Said to be the Colour of the year 2021. This shade is very fresh looking, feels cheerful and very pleasing to the eyes.

Modern Greys–For an elegant neutral that looks modern yet timeless along with a warm shade of beige-grey.

Soothing Classic Blues— Blue tones usually are calm and serene. It’s an excellent colour for spa-type bathrooms and peaceful bedrooms.

Earthy Reds— Red can be bold, warm, and earthy, depending on its tone. Deep crimson shades create passion and drama, while rusty shades can add a cosy ambience.

Sharp Black— refinement, elegance, and luxury, are the qualities of this shade. Black is mostly used as an accent in the home since all-black interiors can become overwhelming very quickly.

Pale yellow and deep blue are excellent decorators who want to incorporate nature-inspired colours without giving up a refined sense of modernity. Sunshine and soulful skies rule the interior, and the result is well worth emulating.

A calming background of varied wood tones keeps things soft and light, helping the more energetic elements stand out with emphasis.

Decorative Light Plans for Home Interiors 2021

Trending light fixtures are one of the essential aspects of home decor design. You can significantly influence your home environment with the help of the lighting and fixtures’ positioning. Each room in the house requires differing reflection of the functions and space feeling. Lighting decor is an ever-changing technological solution with various shapes, sizes, metals and finishes.

Let’s Check out some styles–

Home Interior Lighting Trends-Vintage Style

For a modern home retreat promoting a simple lifestyle, the best solution is turning to vintage lighting and furniture. Vintage style bulbs provide a 2021 retro lighting trend with nostalgic design fixtures.

Chandeliers as Trending Light Fixtures-

Living room lighting fixtures are updated every year, but the evergreen beauty of chandelier styles remain the most classical of all ceiling light trends. In general, they are fixed in the ceiling’s centre as the primary source of enlightenment and artwork for the room.

Kitchen Lighting Trends

kitchen has always been of essential importance in connection with efficient lighting. You can create high-tech reflective task lighting for the working area and pendant lights for the kitchen’s eating table area. You can add accent lighting to your kitchen, as they provide a relaxing atmosphere that will help you calm down and admire your guests.

Bathroom Lighting Trends

Trending light fixtures for bathroom designs tend to be in minimal elements, slender but straightforward. Minimal trends offer a chance to accent the ceiling, floor, mirror and even bath lights.

Also, this trend can go perfectly with any bathroom. Light strings placement on the ceiling or even the floor will create your bathroom to be actual and modernistic.

Lighting Trends for Dining Room

The dining room is the home’s central area, used for various forms of activities, like eating, hosting guests and more. You can place a multi-purpose or straightforward lighting fixture.

The uses of LED smart light bulbs are getting more and more popular. Lighting trends are also altering the development of technologies.

Whatever the case may be, Design Vegha can guide you through lighting and colour décor for your home interiors. Design Vegha can provide you with hundreds of options to choose from, depending on the client’s needs and preferences. The possibilities are not limited. Design Vegha is a one-stop-shop to select your design styles.

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