Try these flawless hacks while designing your luxurious bedroom

bedroom designing

The internet is flooded with bedroom ideas. But, luxurious bedroom designing can be time-consuming and confusing if not planned right. 

It’s important not to lose your unique style and functionality over luxury and aesthetics. Ergo, here are some simple but effective hacks that can make the process drastically easier and effective. 


Altering the size and style of the curtains can transform the entire vibe of your room. The curtains must be hung inches away from the ceiling or 10-15 inches over the lintel for a classic look. 

To get complete cover extend the sides of the curtain a few inches more than the actual opening.  


The most common and subtle element of all is the pillows. Several pillows of various sizes with luxurious covers when neatly arranged over the bed infuse glamour to the mix.

The unsaid rule for pillows is that they should not cover more than 1/4 of the bed to avoid a stuffed look.

Wallpaper and artworks

A cost-effective way to step up the game is wallpapers. A keenly selected wallpaper with luxurious pattern print will give the room an instant facelift. 

Exclusive and modern arts just do the trick of eliminating the bare look on white walls and add layers to the room.


One of the most prominent elements of a bedroom that is often deemed unneeded or overlooked is the headboard. Headboards of the right size, material, texture, and style can make or break the deal.

Light fittings 

The variety of light fittings has greatly expanded catering to everyone’s unique tastes and styles. Be it an elegant night lamp or full-fledged ceiling fixtures, unusual patterns or sophisticatedly designed light fixtures, all are greatly sought after as they easily give an upscale look to your interiors. 


Mirrors of various sizes based on the theme and size of the room can be used to highlight and multiply certain aspects that deserve attention. They also liven up the room by reflecting light and making the room, look much bigger and spacious.

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